The Three Fundamentals of Leadership

Within each of the three Leadership Fundamentals in the Hallmarks of Excellence® in Leadership model, nine competencies (called Hallmarks®) are measured that precisely describes the characteristics of highly effective leaders. These nine critical core competencies are based on leadership skills, personal traits, critical thinking skills, and emotional intelligence factors.

Mastering Your Core

  • Values/Integrity: Effective leaders build trust among stakeholders and the community at large. They speak and live with honesty, courage and grace.
  • Emotional Maturity: Effective leaders have the ability to discern and transition effectively in cross-situational environments. They understand and manage personal emotions, and respect the feelings and attitudes of others.
  • Continuous Learning: Effective leaders are committed to constant personal development of technical and functional expertise. They assume responsibility for identifying areas for personal growth, discern best practices, and readily share that knowledge and skill with others.

Forging The Path

  • Discernment/Decisiveness: Effective leaders can size up situations quickly, act with good judgment and certainty, and anticipate change to initiate solutions.
  • Strategic Mindset: Effective leaders conceptualize like a business owner/partner vs. an employee. They have a well-developed global-life view and use that understanding of the times and issues to develop and deploy strategic action.
  • Effective Communication: Effective leaders articulate ideas and influence others through clear, coherent written and oral communication.

Ensuring Execution

  • Extraordinary Results: Effective leaders are able to size up situations quickly to align and mobilize the company’s processes, resources and people to achieve measurable, bottom-line results.
  • Energetic Team Building: Effective leaders select talented people. They create and model an empowering environment by promoting diversity (cultural, race, gender, and age) in order to realize business success.
  • Customer/Quality Orientation: Effective leaders listen to customers. They are dedicated to achieving superior service and personal excellence.