The Three Fundamentals of Leadership

The Hallmarks of Excellence® in Leadership is a new generation assessment tool and development approach based on extensive research designed to capture the competencies and attributes that define excellence in leadership. The leadership model of the Hallmarks® is founded on three fundamentals of leadership:

Mastering Your Core

Leaders who strive for unmatched achievement and impact begin with
Mastering Your Core.

For the superior leader, Mastering Your Core means that the launch of all endeavors starts first with deep, candid and honest personal self-awareness. Superior leaders then take that self-awareness and intentionally work to increase their leadership effectiveness by creating an executable path for personal improvement. Mastering Your Core includes honing your character with regard to all aspects of leadership integrity. It means making a commitment to understand and manage your own emotions while respecting and acknowledging the feelings, emotions and attitudes of others. Mastering Your Core carries a steadfast commitment to continuous learning, assuming personal responsibility for growth, staying on the cutting edge of best practices and always maintaining a willingness to share knowledge and skills with others.

Forging The Path

Leaders who are Forging the Path live life with a compelling vision at the center of their core and win the hearts and minds of those they lead.

Forging the Path means to do what leaders are supposed to do: lead. As leaders continue to hone their core leadership skills by solidifying their non-compromising values, increasing their emotional maturity and remaining committed to continual learning, they will find themselves compelled to take charge and blaze a path toward a successful and exciting shared future. The extraordinary leader is the type of individual who wins the minds and hearts of people, inspire passion, and stir excitement about what could be if the path were followed — the path the leader is already creating.

Ensuring Execution

Leaders who are Ensuring Execution have a bias toward action and know that to be the best, they must bring out the best in others.

Extraordinary leaders are focused on achievement. They have a preference toward action and a personal commitment to obtain exceptional results. They are leaders that exude a spirit of cooperation and lead with a compassionate ear toward others. They consistently work to improve their strategic planning skills, which include an exceptional ability to establish and achieve milestones, overcome obstacles, and manage finances. Superior leaders do not just understand their own strengths and gaps. They do not stop at creating a vision and forming a path for others. Superior leaders make sure the plan gets executed. Superior leaders “get it done.”