HALLMARKS® is a new generation assessment for a new generation of leaders

The Hallmarks of Excellence® in Leadership represents a breakthrough in leadership assessment technology and leadership development that delivers the most comprehensive measurement of executive leadership potential available on the market today.

Drawing from intensive research and analysis, this assessment regimen analyzes patterns of competencies, personal traits, critical thinking skills, and emotional intelligence and contrasts those results to attributes (the “DNA”) of proven high-performance leaders. Our leadership development program, including personal leadership coaching, a detailed individual leadership development assessment, and comprehensive data to help you improve team performance has been used by people in virtually every industry and business.

This innovative, state-of-the-art assessment, leadership development and executive leadership training approach is beneficial in developing leadership excellence for individuals, as well as developing high-performance teams. Our leadership and professional development application is effective in Business, Education, Government, and Non-profit organizations and agencies. Hallmarks of Excellence® is an effective leadership development program which combines leadership skills assessment along with data to help you improve team performance.