Hallmarks of Excellence®
Halmarks of Excellence® in Leadership

Succession Planning

Case 14: Developing Tomorrow's Leaders

The director of human resources of a manufacturing firm was planning to retire in three years after 20 years of service. The president and director of human resources requested a meeting to discuss a strategic process to replace the director, preferably from within the company.

To establish a course of action, extensive interviews were conducted with the president and executive team focusing on the future direction of the business, as well as the competencies and attributes of future employees. The Hallmarks of Excellence® in Leadership was administered to the director to assess her strengths. A benchmark of competencies and attributes was constructed from the assessment results and analysis of research data derived from the interviews.

Five prospective internal candidates were administered the Hallmarks of Excellence® in Leadership. Their results were mapped to the benchmark and the top three were identified as strong prospects to replace the director upon her retirement.

Targeted developmental plans and advanced responsibilities were designed for each candidate. Each candidate was monitored and evaluated so that the most qualified candidate emerged as the next director of human resources.
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