Hallmarks of Excellence®
Halmarks of Excellence® in Leadership


Case 11: Successful Selection #1

A prominent design and engineering firm was experiencing dramatic growth that in turn was changing the work focus of a key mid-level position. The senior officers were in disagreement about not only the focus of the position, but more importantly the competencies and attributes desired in the candidates being considered for the position.

After interviewing the senior officers responsible for overseeing this function and researching the position descriptions, a list of competencies and attributes was constructed and mapped to the traits measured by the Hallmarks of Excellence® in Leadership. After consultation with the responsible senior officers and additional analysis, a benchmark of attributes was constructed.

Finalist candidates being considered for the position were administered the Hallmarks of Excellence® in Leadership and their results were compared to the benchmark to help assess overall “fit”. A successful hire resulted, contention between the officers was eliminated, and the new employee acclimated to the position quickly and reportedly is exceeding expectations.
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