Hallmarks of Excellence®
Halmarks of Excellence® in Leadership

Executive Development

Case 1: Improving Executive Performance

The CEO and executive management team of a large corporation with multiple satellite locations were facing aggressive business demands that taxed their human capital and financial resources. Executive realities were beginning to emerge showing members of the team were not as equipped as they needed to be in order to leverage future opportunities. Most notably the following factors were creating significant challenges:
  • More needed to be done with less people and financial resources
  • Their business environment around them was changing
  • The satellite facilities needed leadership autonomy and, at the same time, accountability to corporate goals
The CEO in consultation with board members decided to initiate a comprehensive analysis of the executive leadership team using the Hallmarks of Excellence® in Leadership. The Hallmarks® analysis revealed individual leadership gaps and specific team deficiencies limiting their overall effectiveness.

Executive coaching sessions and team training experiences were instituted using the Hallmarks® report as the development guide. Within six months the officers removed many of the gaps that were impairing their individual performance and the officer team reported increased overall team effectiveness resulting from greater focus, energy and results.
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